Hot natured - alternate states

Blitzwing has a cruel sense of humor, and makes his fellow Decepticons uneasy. He was shown to be obnoxious, loud-mouthed, belligerent, and brash until the third season. A battle-loving Decepticon warrior and one of the most dangerous, Blitzwing frequently uses his jet mode to strafe land-bound Autobots, then quickly transforms to tank mode to finish them off with his powerful energy mortar. In robot mode, he prefers to use a gyro-blaster rifle, and his electron scimitar to fight foes one on one. [3] In jet mode, he flies at mach , range 1500 miles, and has heat-seeking concussion missiles. In tank mode, he has a track-mounted cannon that fires explosive shells miles. He can alter his body mass to a larger size for transporting troops/cargo.

Ruby falls in love with small-time con man Eddie. During a botched blackmail scheme, Eddie accidentally kills the man they were setting up. Eddie takes off and Ruby is sent to a reformatory for two years.

     Most Western forms of astrology use the tropical zodiac, which is based on the annual solar cycle of the seasons.  Vedic and many eastern forms of astrology use the sidereal zodiac, which is based on the Moon and the celestial constellations of fixed stars.  Although each system has its own advantages, it's quite fitting to use a solar, tropical frame of reference for Medical Astrology because it deals with the condition and expression of one's health, energy and vitality, which are solar functions and attributes. 

Hot Natured - Alternate StatesHot Natured - Alternate StatesHot Natured - Alternate StatesHot Natured - Alternate States